Give Back Ideas to Include on Itineraries

Giving back while traveling has been one of the greatest joys of my life and in this lesson, you will learn how you can easily add give back to your custom itineraries. From wildlife and nature conservation, sustainable living, helping people, you will learn easy ideas. Our goal is to help you keep your clients for life by creating these enriching experiences. 

What you will learn...

Build your own project, you don’t have to be a millionaire to make a difference, just give some time and enlist your clients to help.

Using Pack for a Purpose to choose Give back Projects

Booking Eco and Sustainable Lodges in your Itineraries

Using Clients Unique Skills to Help Locals

Get Clients involved in Conservation and Science

Experiences where Clients Give Back

Many times, I may not discuss give back because not everyone is interested and I would never want to make anyone embarrassed or pressure them. Give back needs to be authentic. We always however send a PDF with documents on Pack for a Purpose in Peru, and many times, clients will then ask how to participate. Also most of the time I will include an opportunity for them to give back organically, in the itinerary without specific conversation on it, it could be as simple as a market visit, a class of some kind where the clients get to interact with the people of the country they are visiting. It is a subtle art. If you would like some fun questions to ask them to gage their interest you can start with these questions.

Give Back Questions.pdf

Agents booking through Yampu Tours May Give this in your client documents

Pamphlet - Pack for a Purpose Peru.pdf
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